There are many people that have benefited from Nairana Study Centre and its acitivites. Read what they have to say here.

Aidan W.
Aidan W. Practising Lawyer
Nairana Study Centre has had an invaluable place in my ongoing development. Here, I came to a better appreciation for prayer and study, as ideals of leadership and serving others were fostered, always in a practical way. I continue to benefit from various activities for uni-aged students, not to mention access at most times to a quiet place for study away from home. The workcamps I have been privileged to go on were also unforgettable glimpses into other cultures and something I believe everyone should experience at least once. I seriously believe I am a better person for having been involved with Nairana.
Matt D.
Matt D. 4th Year University student
I’ve enjoyed my involvement with the centre mainly because it gives me an environment where I can be with friends where the focus isn’t on simply having a drink or a meal together but studying together, helping the community together, praying together. It’s hard to find anything like this anywhere else in Sydney.
Jean Claude P.
Jean Claude P. 1st Year University Student
Nairana Study Centre has been a real influence in my studies and relationship with God. At Nairana we have helped the community like on the Vinnie’s Van, learned to play heaps of different sports, have taken up challenges like the Duke of Ed and developed study habits at the study camps and  through study skills lessons.
Antonio Del C.
Antonio Del C. Former Nairana counsellor / M<em>onitor de Nairana</em>
It is difficult to find a youth club where all dimensions of the human are promoted and developed: the academic, the physical, the social and the spiritual. At Nairana we believe that the students that attend should try to combine their work and rest with the development of the values and virtues that are very difficult to find in similar intitutions. These great values that they learn at Nairana prepare them in a very effective way to become the root and foundation of our society.

[Spanish] A menudo es dificil de encontrar un club juvenil donde se promuevan y desarrollen todas las dimensiones del ser humano al mismo tiempo, la academica, la fisica, la humana y la espiritual. Desde Nairana sabemos que los estudiantes que por vienen por aqui tratan de congujar a la vez trabajo y descanso, todo ello aderezado con un desarrollo de valores y virtudes que dificilmente pueden encontrar en otras instituciones semejantes; y que les preparan de manera eficiente para ser raiz y fundamento de la sociedad a la que se incorporaran en los anos venideros.

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