Support Us

There are many ways you can help us.


One-off donations can be made at any time by cheque or electronic transfer.

If you wish to claim a tax deduction for your gift, cheques should be made payable to one of EDA’s Deductible Gift Recipient funds and sent to the EDA office. Alternatively, to make an electronic transfer please see the bank account details on the donation forms.

Many supporters make regular monthly or quarterly donations by setting up periodical payments from their bank account or credit card. The relevant form can be downloaded by following the link below.


Download donation forms

You may download the donation form by clicking here.


Online donations

Donations can be made online with Visa, Mastercard and Amex. To donate follow the link here (donation are made through Dartbrooke Study Centre)


Workplace giving programs

Where employers have set up a Workplace Giving Program employees may nominate one of the EDA projects as the Deductible Gift Recipient for their donations. Employers will deduct the sum from their salary and pay the sum directly to the EDA project. The donor receives the benefit of the reduced tax withheld for their gift immediately in their pay.


Low interest and interest free loans

You may wish to assist EDA by extending low interest or interest free loans. Please contact the EDA office to discuss the terms and how to formalise a loan.


Gifts of property

Property includes physical things such as trading stock and furniture as well as shares, real estate, rights and interests. For further information on how to claim a tax deduction for these gifts please contact the EDA office.



Below is suggested wording of a bequest clause:

” I bequeath the sum of _________dollars and/or ____% of my residual estate to Education Development Association (ABN 82 000 479 685) for which the receipt of a Director or Secretary or other officer shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for the bequest.”

We suggest you seek expert advice to assist you in the preparation of your Will