Vinnies Van

St Vincent de PaulWhat is Vinnies Van?

Vinnies Van is a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. It is a service that visits people in need on the streets. The majority of people who visit the service are people who are homeless.

The aim of the Vinnies Van service is to provide food, drink and friendship to people on the streets. We do this remembering to respect the dignity of every person that we meet.

Anyone who would like to volunteer on the Vinnies Van service must be aged 16 years and over or be in Year 11.

Vinnies Van is an amazing experience to meet people who may be in different circumstances than our own, where they are at. The Vinnies Van service travels around the streets of different suburbs and meets people in set locations. Many people find Vinnies Van a very rewarding and challenging experience.

A Vinnies Van team is made of 4-6 people. One volunteer is the team leader and is generally more experienced
than the other members.

Currently we make two stops, one each in Penrith and Parramatta. The stop is always at the same location, so that those we
serve know where to find us.


What happens on a typical night out?

6:00pm – Leave Nairana
7:00pm – At the St Vincent de Paul Office at Merrylands we start preparing food and beverages for the night.
8:30pm – Arrives at Penrith
9:30pm – Leaves Penrith to drive to Parramatta.
10.30pm – Arrives at Parramatta
11:30pm – Packs up and return back to the office at Merrylands
12:00am – By this time, we should have packed up and be on the way home