UNIV is an annual congress for university students held in Rome during Holy Week which draws participants from all over the world.

It aims at sensitizing the students to current issues affecting the world and to give them an opportunity to explore and implement solutions to these issues from a Christian perspective.

Organizers: It is organized by the Instituto per la Cooperazione Universataria – ICU (Institute for University Cooperation) an Italian based NGO which aims to further the development of cultural and scientific relations at the service of society through professional formation and university cooperation.

Short History: UNIV was started under the inspiration of St. Josemaria Escriva who also saw it as a great opportunity to draw university students from all over the world to Rome for Holy Week, close to the Holy Father.

The Congress consists of presentations, conferences and round table discussions. A unique aspect of UNIV is that it consists entirely of university student delegates. It is a university students’ congress organized by university students for university students.

For more details visit www.univforum.org



World Youth Day (WYD) is a world-wide event where young people have the opportunity to encounter the Pope. It is usually held every 3 years and is a fantastic opportunity for the youth to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and their knowledge of the Catholic faith. WYD is a unique event which displays the universality of the Catholic Church and allows young people to grow in their faith surrounded with other people of their age.

Nairana typically tries to send a group to each WYD if possible. Further information about packages for the next WYD will be placed on the website when available.