Study: The Main Activity

The main activity of the Frontier Club is study. Why? Because study is a school of virtue and achieves many different objectives. It fosters in them [the boys] initiative and responsibility for their own work: they are the protagonists (not their parents or their teachers) and they are the ones that have to want to improve.

  • It helps them to acquire and consolidate the habit of an active silence.
  • It helps them to plan and use the time they have well.
  • It teaches them to try to resolve difficulties with effort.
  • It teaches them to stick to a schedule of study.
  • It helps them to develop perseverance.
  • It  teaches them to use sources of information to resolve doubts, work to expand their knowledge, have ambition to learn new things and get involved in other academic activities.

The boys study at the Frontier Club on one afternoon of the week.