The focus of all the activities of the Frontier Club (and Nairana) is to help the boys in their human and Christian formation, and to take up a life of virtue.

There are the two big ideas that we try to instil in those who participate in the activities of the Frontier Club:

1) Human formation

The fundamental objective is to help the boys to acquire habits and knowledge that boost their current capabilities and prepare them for their future responsibilities. We aim to give the boys the opportunity to learn and develop the qualities to not only face the world, but lead the world forward, to be the leaders of the future.

Through various activities, the boys are given the opportunity to actively know and develop their talents. With these they can be influential in our society without becoming caught up in the race for money and power. At the same time they will learn more about the history, fundamental values and ethical aspects that constitute great societies.

2) Christian formation

Hand-in-hand with this necessary human formation we strive to instill in the boys the necessary Christian formation that enables them to live their faith in their ordinary, everyday lives in the middle of the world. For this, it is essential that they become ‘souls of prayer’ by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We encourage the boys to live their lives according to great Christian ideals: being men of faith who work in the service of others and striving to do the will of God at each moment of their lives. For this, however, it is essential that they be masters of themselves, and have the necessary human formation to build upon.