Camps and Activities

The formation given at Frontier Club is completely integrated into its camps and activities.

Each and every camp and activity that is planned is in accord with the objectives of the Frontier Club.

There are 4 camps organised by Frontier Club each year during the school holiday periods:

–          Summer Camp (Summer holidays, January):

–          Jamberoo Camp (Easter holidays):

–          Ski Camp (Winter holidays):

–          Survival Camp (Spring holidays):

During Terms 1 and 3 there are overnight bushwalking camps, and in Terms 2 and 4 there are study weekends.

The following list highlights some of the key competencies achieved through particular activities:

Outdoor Adventures / Camps

  • Knowledge of your environment (Open Mindedness).
  • Developing the capacity to observe and write about things (Open Mindedness).
  • Promoting interest in nature (Open Mindedness).
  • Leading a team (Teamwork, Responsibility).
  • Finding new routes (Creativity).
  • Exercising without complaining (Strength of Character).
  • Learning to work with others (Teamwork).


  • Overcoming fears and shyness (Courage).
  • Learning expression (Communication).
  • Improvisation (Creativity, Communication).
  • Contributing personally to a group effort (Teamwork).
  • Teaching and supervising younger groups (Responsibility)

Visiting Museums

  • Widening cultural knowledge (Open Mindedness).
  • Planning which exhibitions to see. Wakening intellectual slumbers and desires to learn (Open Mindedness, Study).


  • Capacity to adapt to others (Teamwork).
  • Sharing in victory and failure (Teamwork).
  • Knowing how to win and lose (Friendship, Integrity).
  • Accepting and following the rules (Integrity).
  • The ability to make sacrifices and willpower (Strength).

Rocket Building

  • Design (Creativity).
  • Completing the last details of functional design (Professionalism).
  • Teamwork.
  • Helping younger years (Responsibility).

Web Pages and Blogs

  • Designing the page content (Creativity).
  • Dividing up the tasks (Teamwork).
  • A desire to influence society (Ideals, Influence).
  • Knowing the Internet (Communication).
  • Marketing and text layout (Creativity, Communication).
  • Researching and agreeing on the content (Study).
  • Finishing it well (Professionalism).
  • Developing the ability to use moral judgement and analyse aspects of society (Principles and Perspective).


  • Wakening intellectual yearning (Study).
  • Learning adequate study methods (Study).
  • Resolving problems (Study).
  • Acquiring constancy, with set hours every day (Study, Responsibility).
  • Overcoming laziness with willpower (Strength of Character).
  • Having an upright intention, valuing a worthy effort more than the result (Integrity).


  • Reading regularly as per a set timetable and plan (Responsibility).
  • Overcoming laziness (Strength of Character).
  • Acquiring a lifelong habit of reading (Open Mindedness).
  • Increasing your cultural knowledge (Open Mindedness).
  • Learning to distinguish good reading material (Principles and Perspective).
  • Enriching your vocabulary (Communication).


  • Overcoming fear of public speaking (Strength of Character).
  • Practising expression (Communication).
  • Improvisation (Creativity, Communication).
  • Backing up your arguments (Study).
  • Applying moral principles and analysing societies (Principles and Perspective).
  • Generating interest in new fields (Open Mindedness).
  • Learning to work with the opinions of team mates (Teamwork).
  • Learning to expound your ideas with restraint and cede in your own opinion (Teamwork).

Cultural Seminars

  • Overcoming fear of public speaking (Strength of Character).
  • Practicing expression (Communication).
  • Generating interest in cultural subjects (Open Mindedness).

Acting and Theatre

  • Overcoming fear of public speaking (Strength of Character).
  • Practising expression (Communication).
  • Improvisation (Creativity, Communication).
  • Learning your role/part (Study).
  • Contributing to a common project (Teamwork).
  • Learning new means of expression and culture (Open Mindedness, Communication).
  • Writing a script (Creativity).
  • Learning to work towards a final work through practice and mistakes (Professionalism).

Etiquette Lessons

  • Acquiring good manners and a pleasant bearing: correcting your speech, dress sense etc (Citizenship).

Visiting the Poor, Sick or Unprivileged

  • Learning about social problems, including poor health (Solidarity).
  • Helping people economically (Solidarity, Generosity).
  • Keeping others company (Solidarity, Generosity).


  • Strengthening your personal relationship with God (Piety).
  • Making resolutions to improve (Personal Development).

Workcamps* and Social Projects

  • Overcoming comfort and laziness (Strength of Character).
  • Looking after small details (Professionalism).
  • Motivating yourself to do a good job (Professionalism).
  • In some cases, participating in humanitarian aid or acts of solidarity (Solidarity, Generosity).
  • Obeying the team leader (Integrity).
  • Understanding others and common social problems (Open Mindedness, Solidarity).

(*Workcamps are volunteer work projects run by Education Development Association in Australia and overseas)