Activities offered at Nairana fall into the following categories:

Hobbies and sports

  • Offered to members of the Frontier Club (junior high school students)
  • Focussed on developing interests and practical skills
  • Example: soccer, rugby, basketball, laser tag, biking

Holiday camps

  • “Adventure” camps for junior high school students during holiday time
  • Themes of camps include: bushwalking, skiing, canoeing

Study skills

  • Providing quiet spaces for individual and group study
  • Offering workshops on study skills and personalized academic mentoring
  • Running residential “study weekends” for exam preparation

Established programs

  • Duke of Edinburgh awards
  • Toastmasters Speaking program
  • Watershed Leadership program

Character and spiritual development

  • Weekly classes on virtue and character development
  • Talks/reflections offered by the chaplain on topics of the Catholic faith
  • Spiritual guidance available from chaplain and staff

Community Service

  • Collaboration with St Vincent de Paul “Task Force” and “Night Patrol” programs
  • Visiting/Volunteering at nursing homes
  • Undertaking service projects in developing countries

Guest speaker program

  • Providing access to role models working in the professions, business and public life

Many opportunities are offered to students at Nairana. Each student is allocated a personal mentor, who meets with the student regularly to help him reflect on these opportunities and consolidate learning from them.