studyingWhat use is a student who does not study? – St Josemaria Escriva (Furrow 618)

The most important activity undertaken by the boys that attend Nairana is study, which is why, after the chapel, the most important rooms at Nairana are the study rooms. We are well aware that the development of solid work habits and acquiring the virtue of industriousness facilitates the pathway for teenagers to become mature and responsible members of society.

At Nairana the boys not only learn how to make the most of their hours of study, but also how to give their work a more transcendent, supernatural dimension, viewing it as a service to others and society, and as a means for their personal sanctification. The study room thus becomes a school of virtue where every day is a new challenge to try to live aspects of order, punctuality, hard work, fortitude and perseverance.

Study, when done well, is the engine for the personal growth necessary for a life of challenges and opportunities.